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Online Business Tips: How to Succeed in Internet Marketing

There are two things that happen when an online business goes through the internet marketing process. One, its site generates lots of traffic but barely convert the visitors to customers and two, it does not get as much traffic as the first, but gets quality leads that turns into customers. Which of the two do you think is better?

The first scenario is focused on getting many visitors while the second is focused on converting visitors to customers. Obviously, the second scenario is better because this is usually the goal of internet marketing – gaining customers.

Most online business tips help you generate traffic to your site, but if these visitors will not become customers, it leads to nothing. To turn your site visitors to customers, follow the simple advice below:

- Create headlines and subtitles that are relevant to the visitors’ searches. The first online business tip here is to remember that visitors have a short attention span so immediately convince them to hang around and read more through the content written in your headline and subtitle. Let them feel that they are in the right place for the term that they are searching for.

- Write relevant and high-quality content. Visitors may bounce off from your site if they read poorly-written content. Always make sure that you write high quality content that is full of value for the visitor; not just sales talk or pure marketing.

- Always add a “Call To Action”. This is critical in converting visitors to customers. A simple “Click here to get more information about the product” or “download ‘Name of the Product’ here” is enough to tell the visitors to do something with what he or she have read.

- Be straightforward in your Call to Action. Be clear of what you want your visitors to do next. Make sure that you tell them exactly what they have to do in response to your message. Just make it simple and straightforward; rather than bombarding them with lots of options or instruction that can be confusing.

- Add an enticing image. Aside from the text content, images can also help generate sales; as long as they are enticing and follow the standard rules (no racism, no hate, no negative, not scandalous, etc). Choose carefully the images you put and ensure that they entice visitors to use your product/service.

The basic idea about these online business tips for internet marketing is to do more than just provide information or quality content to the visitors. Remember that your site is there because you have something to offer, so maximize its content for conversion while giving your visitors a good and valuable experience.

Strategic Business Tips When Firing Someone From Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach

One of the most uncomfortable actions in business is the termination of an employee. When an employee is terminated, there is pain for each party involved. Many people postpone the inevitable termination and this only increases the pain and frustration.

Your strategic thinking business coach has some tips on how to terminate someone properly so both parties get through the process.

+ Get right to the point. Be direct and do not engage in small talk. Get right to the point and inform the employee of the bad news of being terminated.

+ Be brief in providing any reasons for the termination and do not engage in a long discussion over what went wrong or what might have been. You may want to offer one or two reasons for the termination.

+ Be professionally prepared for the termination by assembling all materials for the termination in advance. This means having the final paycheck, any severance pay, personnel forms, insurance and other information ready when you inform the employee of the termination.

+ Move quickly and expeditiously to get the terminated employee out of the office as soon as possible. Have security or appropriate support personnel ready to assist if necessary.

+ Be courteous and professional in your interactions with the employee being terminated. Shake hands, express thanks for the employee’s contribution to your company and wish him or her well.

+ Conduct the termination on a Friday. This gives you the weekend to deal with problems that may arise from the termination and enables you to announce the termination to the staff and start off the week fresh on Monday.

If you would like to learn more about strategic business decisions and some challenging follow-up actions, like the termination of employee, and how a strategic thinking business coach can facilitate and guide you in that endeavor, please contact Glenn Ebersole today through his website at or by email at [email protected]

“Strategic Business Tips When Firing Someone From Your Strategic Thinking Business Coach”
By: J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr., Chief Executive of J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group (TM)

How to Do China Trade Better – Business Tips For Success

Many clients asked, “How can we get business from our China trips” Understandably with the travel cost and time involved, their main concerns would be meeting targets and results. Business negotiation is a process. It is important to schedule plenty of ‘getting-to-know-you’ time. There are five things to avoid when visiting China:

  1. Do not schedule too many meetings and rush into the ‘let us make a deal NOW’ mode. Relationship building is important for the Chinese, as well as for you. Take time to find a trusting partner.
  2. Do not speak first at roundtable meetings uninvited, or circulate an agenda unsolicited. Different cultures appreciate different degrees of directness. In China, you are a guest so let others play host.
  3. Do not take it for granted that when the Chinese nod their heads, they mean ‘yes’ or they understand you. Saying ‘no’ in the Chinese culture is deemed as impolite. Check it diplomatically.
  4. Do not see a lack of response in discussions as indifference. The Chinese are more accustomed to maintaining harmony than expressing views. Use a gentle approach to invite feedback.
  5. Do not assume what works in your company or country will work elsewhere. It would be a mistake to transfer the so-called western way to a country of different culture without careful planning.

The good new is: you can enhance business relationships in China at no extra cost. Here are the five tips:

  1. Make a concerted effort to know your contacts as individuals, not just business partners. Seeing people in a different light will help you ascertain if you can trust and partner with them long term.
  2. Interact with your trade partners outside business meetings. It is all part of a decision making process. Chinese business people are known for making deals in restaurants and karaoke bars.
  3. Show an interest in the cultural, social and economic development in China. This will give you clues of what your Chinese counterparts believe and why they behave in certain ways.
  4. Be considerate. Collectivism plays a key role in old and modem China. The way you interacted with your contacts would impact on how they would be regarded by their colleagues and company.
  5. If you decided not to partner with a Chinese contact you have known for a while, keep in touch with them occasionally. Given the intricate networks in China, they might open doors for you.

Relation building takes time. It is possible to shorten the journey with these business tips.